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Best Benchtop Bandsaw Review


I am very impressed with this saw! I am an artist. I make small tools and trinkets out of various materials in my home workshop. I’ve recently expanded into metal work and bought this saw to make small straight and angled cuts in metal. I’ve heard that bandsaws are cleaner and quieter than my old noisy chop saw, so I took the dive and got one. No regrets whatsoever. Here’s my benchtop bandsaw reviews to mull over. If you’re looking for the best benchtop bandsaw, this is a great deal!

Features Of This Best Benchtop Bandsaw

My WEN benchtop bandsaw came well packaged and undamaged. Shipping was not as problematic as I know becomes an issue with heavy duty gear. Unpacking and basic assembly was a sinch.


It was super helpful that many people have made YouTube videos of “unboxings” and easy to understand tutorials. I prefer videos or real humans to reading the instruction booklet. With the videos and a little common sense, I had no trouble getting it ready to use and making my first cut.


Before I bought it, I read online reviews and compared prices. I looked at four other 5” metal cutting bandsaws like it, and the WEN came out as almost the cheapest at $250. I took the same risk as everyone does, and bought the one with the 2nd best price hoping the cost did not stand for a bad quality machine. I am happy to report that it worked out, and I can honestly say that the WEN is not cheap but rather is “value for your dollar”. You’re welcome!


Now, I am a novice when it comes to cutting metal. I inherited a Dewalt chop saw, which is in my shop, but which I used maybe a total of 10-15 times since I got it. I’ve cut a bunch of things with my new WEN bandsaw now, so I am starting to have a bit more experience with it. I can report on a few things with confidence.


First, the cuts do take longer than with my chop saw. I timed a straight cut on a short ⅜ piece of iron, and the difference between the same cut on my chop saw and my bandsaw was about 30 seconds. The total time to cut the piece on the bandsaw was 60 seconds. Maybe it’s my age, but that interval did not stress me out. And, I was rewarded with a cleaner cut than my chop saw gave me.


Second, the WEN bandsaw is very manoeuvrable. The base is cast iron and locked in to allow the saw to rotate freely without any worry about the whole thing tipping over. From a beginner’s perspective, very awesome.


I make a lot of angled cuts with the type of projects I am into now. Making those angled cuts are a breeze with the WEN because of its manoeuvrable design and solid base with vice. With my other saw I’d have to move the whole darned thing around when trying to make adjustments to my cut.


Third, it is very reasonably priced. I almost paid $280 before shipping. I am glad I had realized it was, less expensive to buy it online here than it was at my local Home Depot.


Fourth, it’s durable! In general, I think that expensive things are quality and last long and cheap things have a short lifespan and need replacing more often. After doing some reading, I expected that however good the machine was, It’d likely come with a cheap blade that would need replacing soon. I was wrong. The blade has four hours (well over one hundred cuts) on it now, and it still works. This bodes well for how long the saw itself will hold up!


Fifth, it’s clean and quiet. I already mentioned this, but it bares repeating. My only experience with cutting metal, up until recently, was with my chop saw. Now, I think I could even go on creating art into the wee hours, as they say in Boston, without waking my neighbor. The accumulation of dust and shavings is not huge and stays in pretty much one spot at the back of the saw.


A quick list of a few other features:


  • Max cutting capacity on either side is about 5 inches
  • Motor housing is plastic but everything else, like the base and vice, is cast iron or metal
  • Doesn’t take up much room on my benchtop
  • Blade changing doesn’t look like it will be too tough (the unit disassembles logically)


A bonus is the fact that there are so many good youtube videos that feature this saw. I guess that is due to its popularity, but I just find it helpful. I found this one very helpful:


I’ve included my quick pros and cons table below, but I feel like it is very lopsided. I encourage anyone buying this type of saw to check out a few different reviews before buying.



WEN 3975 best benchtop bandsaw


Technical Details

Item weight: 45 lbs –

Product dimensions: 27 x 14 x 15.5 inches –

Voltage: 120 volts –

Wattage: 540 watts –

Warranty Description: 2 years –

Motor: 4.5 amp

Pros & Cons


Pros Cons
●      Solid but manoeuvrable and movable

●      Compact

●      Precise

●      Clean

●      2-year warrantee

●      Quieter

●      Replacement blades hard to find in brick and mortar stores


Final Thoughts

I have had a positive experience with this product. Out of the options I researched, it was one of the most reasonably priced. Compared to my experiences with other metal-cutting tools the WEN 5″ Metal-Cutting Benchtop Bandsaw is the superior tool for the job. It is not a stretch for me to go ahead and call this tool the best benchtop bandsaw out there. Great value!