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I’m not a gambling man, but I’m willing to bet that you know TIME = MONEY.  Which is why I don’t gamble.  Why take a chance on a tool that maybe won’t do what you need it to do, right?  I have worked on a lot of job sites because I make myself available as a temp employee available for hire.


Unless the job is specialized somehow, I use my own tools. The best portable band saw for my time and money is the DEWALT 10 Amp 5-inch Deep Cut.  I’ll tell you why, but if you want to stop reading here, order one here and get back to work, I’ve told you what you need to know.


best portable band saw

DWM120K  Features

I am not a handyman, I am a skilled worker – but if you fall anywhere on this spectrum you’ll appreciate the Dewalt 5”. I use it regularly for industrial purposes, and it is sufficiently versatile with its 5” throat.  If you need a wider throat, I recommend something less portable.  This is the best portable bandsaw, partly because it’s durable and takes its lumps on a busy job site, and partly because it operates as it should – cuts through steel pipe and soft metal without a hiccup, if you know what you’re doing.


→10 amp motor

→ 5” deep cut capacity, rectangular or round

→ Steel shroud and rubber bumpers for durability

→ Variable speed dial (100-350 sfm) makes this tool more versatile

→ Front handle is adjustable (better accuracy in your cut)

→ Material guide also adjustable

→ Easy blade changes thanks to blade changing lever

→ LED light

→ Kit includes hex wrench, standard blade, and kit box

→ Externally replaceable brushes

→ Ergonomic considerations, if you like a nice grip

→ 3 year limited warranty, with one year of free service if needed




Technical Details

Speeds: 100 / 350 –

Color: Black / Yellow –

Power Source: Corded-Electric –

Voltage: 120 Volts –

Weight: 8.2 Kg –

Length: 53.3 Centimeters –

Width: 59.3 Centimeters –

Height: 33.7 Centimeters

Pros & Cons


Pros Cons
easy – to use, to handle, to operate, to pack and carry (case is solid)


DEWALT name is known as industry standard, and all the warranties and guarantees are nothing less than you would expect for industry standard


quiet and efficient


value for your hard earned dollar


It’s a portable hand tool – I bought it so I could use it on-site, and it gets the job done like it should


exceptionally clean cuts mean less time spent filing and grinding


powerful – handles the toughest cuts


minimal maintenance due to sealed bearing, and externally replaceable brushes for quick repairs when necessary

corded – not a lot of choice given the power this tool requires, but the cord is flexible and made of tough stuff


LED sight line – most guys think this is a pro, but I’m old school and prefer the laser


blades may be a little more pricey than you’re accustomed to, but then they last longer too


→ It’s a portable hand tool – so if you’re looking to mount it on a stand like my buddy did, you’ll be at a loss to lock the trigger

Final Thoughts Best Portable Band Saw

Admittedly, I have been a “Dewalt” guy for a while. Once I find a brand I trust, I don’t mess around.  But then my experience with this particular portaband tells me that this is a top-quality tool. I get the job done fast and clean, and move on.  It’s when you spend more time on the tool than on the job that you’re in trouble. I’ve been around long enough to have used a lot of tools, and this is hands down the best portable band saw because of its power, efficiency, and overall performance.


You can also order DEWALT DWM120K Band saw kit with 3-pack of blades for prompt delivery through THIS LINK HERE.





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