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Best Rated Band Saw Reviewed


This is a high quality power tool, deserving the title best rated band saw. Once my old Dewalt bandsaw died of old age, I shopped around and read a few reviews for a couple different saws. Of course, I read up on on the best rated band saw, the 20 volt max deep cut band saw from Dewalt. It had the most 5 star reviews, so I bought it. Absolutely the best purchase I ever made. It’s, legit, as good as the reviews say. Buy it!

DEWALT DCS374B Features

I added the tech details below and I just included the most important stats to save you time.


My experience working with the tool since I bought it has been fantastic. As I said, I went shopping for a new saw when my old one died on me. I liked my old Dewalt, but, I am not too “brand loyal”. Companies can make good stuff, and then make bad stuff, so I did research before buying anything. I bought the Deep Cut Dewalt because the reviews said pretty much what my review is going to say. It gets all five-star reviews because it is a very strong tool.


I’ve had it for a month, and I’ve cut angles and straight cuts in copper and iron pipe, rebar, aluminum, and I’ve done some odd hobby work with various types of steel. A lot of it was 20 gauge and the saw did its job. The Max Deep Cut’s job, in case you are new to this type of work, is to make clean cuts quickly without more fuss or mess than is necessary.


This saw has an LED light. I did not have that on my older model Dewalt and I love it. It lights up the cut area, and helps even if I have decent light to start. I think I could still work in the dark if I had to! The light doesn’t mean the saw’s charge lasts less long, either. I am getting over a day of use before the saw needs to re-charge.


The handle has a speed dial that I find is a convenient upgrade from my old saw. I change the speed depending on what I am cutting. The 14 TPI blade I got with mine is gone now. I did not keep track, but the 149 cuts quoted as the blade’s lifetime was accurate. Changing the blade was easy peasy, and did not require any special tools.


I have no major complaints about any of the features on this tool. It is big and heavy, but that’s because it is the big and heavy model. Dewalt sells a smaller 14V that is for situations when you need to get into a tight space or one-hand your cuts.


I both like and dislike a few little things. For example, I like that the battery is placed so that it puts it’s extra weight over the cut. If they did that on purpose, Dewalt engineers are very smart! I don’t like how the trigger doesn’t have a lock. I find it uncomfortable making vertical cuts without a lock. It has a rafter hook, but I can’t hang it on  2×4 railing. You know what I mean? I did not put the cost as either a con or a pro because I feel I got my money’s worth, but, so you know, the Milwaukee version of this tool costs about 50$ less.


If you are from Dewalt and you’re reading this, you can use my review on your website for free. Can you see how fired up I am about my DEWALT DCS374B 20V Band Saw?   Thanks to your team for this product. It deserves the 5-star reviews it gets from everyone.



best rated band saw

Technical Details

Type: Cordless Electric –

Tool Length: 20 ¾ Inches –

Tool Weight: 12.4 lbs –

Max. Capacity (round): 4 ¾ Inches –

Max. Capacity (Rectangular): 5 X 4 ¾ Inches –

LED Light: Yes

Pros & Cons


Pros Cons
3-year warranty;


LED light;


Best cuts (fast and clean) I have ever seen;


Long-lasting battery charge;


Made in the USA (with globally-sourced parts);


Consistent 5-star reviews.

Rafter hook doesn’t make sense;


The trigger doesn’t have a lock, which makes some cuts awkward.




best rated band saw Final Thoughts

The DEWALT 20V Max Deep Cut Band Saw is the best rated band saw. It gets 5-star reviews from every respected tool outlet. Even better: it gets 5-star reviews from experienced tradesmen who’ve worked with saws their whole lives. I am 45 years young and I have experience working with many different saws. I’ve cut all sorts of metal and done every type of work as a contractor. This saw is excellent. I can’t recommend it enough.


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