How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade

Ever Wondered How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade?

We’re looking here at the best way on how to fold a bandsaw blade. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with a bandsaw blade can tell you that these somewhat problematic blades have been known to behave in a similar fashion to that of a snake. When buying, shipping, or otherwise transporting one, it is extremely important that you understand exactly how you should handle it. The proper handling of a bandsaw blades is crucial to avoid serious injury.

Pulling a bandsaw blade apart in order to use it can be a tricky feat in itself. Folding it up is likewise, by all means, a skill unto itself. Having spent many years working for a father, and father-in-law, who are general contractors has given me the experience and inside perspective to properly inform you on the best methods for safely unfolding and folding a bandsaw blade.

To unfold a bandsaw blade which is already coiled, you have to carefully unfold the blade feeling for the pressure in the blade as you go. As you slowly pull the blade apart it will release itself from its coil properly and automatically as long as you don’t go against the natural releasing of pressure.

While there is no actual formula for opening a bandsaw blade that is universally recognized, the above mentioned method is safe and works like a charm everytime.

Now for the fun part: how to fold a bandsaw blade properly.

Once you have used your blade, whether for a single job and you need to place it back in its packaging, or you’ve worn the blade to the point that it needs to be packaged for shipping to a repair company, there is a proper method for folding the blade that is easy to follow.

how to fold a band saw blade correctly

Often times, especially for those not familiar with operating a bandsaw, this can be extremely tricky the first time around. However, it gets easier as you go. The manufacturers instructions themselves are usually of very little help. Following instructions that are hard to understand and make little to no sense at all can be very hazardous to your safety. The improper folding of a bandsaw blade can result with your hands becoming caught in the barbed teeth of the bandsaw.

Follow these simple steps on how to fold a bandsaw blade:

Hold the bandsaw blade out in front of you. Make sure that the teeth are facing down.

Slightly rest one end of the bandsaw blade against your stomach. Now the other end against a stationary surface like the edge of a worktable.

Slowly begin to cross your arms, as you do you will feel the natural pressure of the saw blade transforming the itself into a properly folded figure-eight-like shape.

Simply bring the loose ends together to complete the process and you’re finished.

Yes, it is truly as simple as that. This is not only the easiest method, it is also the safest. You will not find a more effective technique for folding your bandsaw blade. This is one that works without fail every time you use it. Stop putting yourself in danger and start putting this powerful tip to use!


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