If you’ve ever watched any of the tv shows that show accidents in the workplace, then you’ve seen people who have lost fingers, thumbs even hands or worse. Now we’re not trying to scare you here, instead we are asking you to take that extra bit of care. I’ve known friends end up with injuries from chipped drills where they’ve not been wearing safety glasses, guys who were welding and not wearing the correct welding eye protection. Don’t let the same injuries some about from using your saw. This is why power saw safety & care are so important.

When using a power saw  there are some safety tips that should be used. Safety is a number one priority when it comes to using a power saw. Being safe with your band saw can benefit yourself as well as others. A power saw can be really dangerous if you do not know how to handle it. Power saws can cause severe injuries to you or someone else if it is not used in a safe manner. Here are some safety tips that will be helpful in avoiding injuries when using a power saw.


Keep An Eye On The Job

One important safety measure to take when operating your power saw is to always pay attention to your work and never look away when you are operating the saw. It’s easy to become distracted.

The second important safety tip would be to never use your hands to clean the scrap from the table, instead use a long stick, but only after ensuring the saw has been switched off. Never try to clear a blockage while the saw is running, the consequences could be severe.


The third safety measure would be to always let the saw reach it’s full speed before starting to cut. It may be tempting to try an early cut, to save time or if you’re in a rush, but don’t do this. Give the saw chance to get running properly.


The fourth safety tip is to never leave your saw running unattended, as tempting as it is. This applies in any workspace where people can enter and wander around, so extra vigilance is required, more so especially around children. We looked at tips for using a power saw in a previous article



Power Saw Safety & Care Final Thoughts

Power saws have been known to cause serious hand injuries. If safety measures are taken then injuries can be avoided. Hands are often the most vulnerable because they are used for guiding the saw and the wood to be cut. Large area of skin could be damaged or torn off if you do not take safety measures. Severe injuries can happen such as a loss of fingers or even the hand. It is very important that you pay close attention to what you are doing. Why not consider a fence to help guide the wood when using your saw? A good quality table saw fence could be the difference between working safely to get a straight cut or not.


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