Using A Power Saw

So we’re not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs here, but instead we’ve put together a basic introduction to using a power saw. Finding it hard to choose between band saw vs table saw or  even a drop saw?  There’s dozens of different types of saw, the world isn’t just band saw led. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the other types of saws available.

Using A Power Saw

Power saws useful for a range of DIY jobs. No DIY project is too big or small for your power saw. Power saws are available in a number of sizes and power ratings so you will be able to find the right power saw for almost any job. Some of the latest models even have infrared lights that assist you with cutting. This helps you cut in a straight line.

The chainsaw is a common power saw used to cut timber – it also stars in a number of low budget movies. They are especially useful for yard work – trimming and cutting down trees. The only disadvantage with chainsaws is that it is not a smooth cut – this may result in a degree of splintering. You should wear safety gear when operating a power saw.

Circular saws have a range of home DIY functions and are an essential tool in any home handyman’s arsenal. Its versatility makes it the ideal power tool for jobs around the home especially if you don’t have the budget to buy a power saw for every task. Circular saws can easily cut through thick wood. Choose a model that has sufficient power for you needs.

For cross cutting a miter saw is a useful addition to your tool box. It cuts exact angles and lengths. Scroll saws are useful if you intend doing detailed work. Both of these power saws will add value if you are a woodworking enthusiast.

If you are planning on cutting thin flexible material like paneling then a saber saw is recommended. Another name for a saber saw is a jigsaw. Choose a model that is sturdy and also fits your hand comfortably. You need to use quality blades with a saber saw as it the blades that determine the quality of your cutting.


Band Saw Vs Table Saw

Bigger pieces of wood will require a table saw. Basically it is a table with the blade situated in the middle of the table. Still asking yourself band saw vs table saw, which is best? It all depends on the job at hand.

If you want to cut material away from the edge then you will require a band saw. It consists of a small table with a blade that operated from the top , this allows it to cut anywhere on a piece of wood. All that is required to accurately cut is to clamp the wood and then position the blade where you want to cut. Common uses would be to cut door handles and wall plugs.

Cutting across the grain requires a crosscut saw. A smaller version of a circular saw is the rip saw. If you need to make small curved cuts into paneling or dry wall then you need to use a keyhole saw.

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Power saws are very durable won’t require replacing for a long time. You should ideally store the power saw safely where the blades won’t pose a safety risk. Always unplug immediately after use. Proper care of the blade is important as they tend to become rusty if not used often. Cleaning the blade after use will prevent rust from building up. You shouldn’t operate a saw with rusty or bent blade. It can be a safety risk.




It is recommended that you wear safety glasses when operating a power saw. Also make sure that any guards provided by the manufacturer are fitted and used properly. Read the manual before using so that you are aware of all the features and safety issues. Also make sure that you are using the right saw for the job


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